Dan Hough

DoneApp Devlog 3

Published 27 May 2020 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Read DoneApp Devlog 2 here.

Today I have a screenshot to share. It’s not hugely exciting, but it’s a start. This is my to-do app. It’s not just any to-do app. It’s the to-do app which specifically fits a use case that I’ve seen in myself, and only in myself. I think others could find it useful, it’s hard to say right now.

I’ve got login sorted, creating and checking in to tasks. But the creation part is somewhat limited now. I can only choose “Days” as a frequency unit. I want to make a nice iOS-native looking UI for that so I’m gonna search for a library. Shouldn’t be hard to roll my own though, just a four-button toggle with Hour/Day/Week/Month or something like that.

Anyway here’s the animated screenshot:

Obviously it needs a lot of work: the numbers on the right are pretty meaningless right now, and the buttons are ugly, as are the colours. But it’s functional!

I’m tracking progress here.

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