Dan Hough

DoneApp Devlog 2

Published 20 May 2020 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Every day that I don’t work on DoneApp I think to myself, I wish I had a habit tracker to keep track of when the last time I worked on DoneApp was.

This evening after work I created the relationships between User and Task, and ensured that the relevant controllers were only returning data relevant to the user - and 404ing if they tried to get someone else’s data.

It’s always a debate whether to use 401, 403 or 404 when someone is trying to access someone else’s data with invalid credentials.

As a rule I avoid 401 status codes - that implies no credentials at all. The next one, 403 implies that while you are logged in and the data you’re looking for does exist, you don’t have access to it.

On the other hand, 404 just says “nope, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” In the case of data which is completely secret to another user, I think this is the best choice. But, say, you were allowed to know there was a Task at an endpoint, and you were logged in, but you didn’t have sufficient permissions to, for example, edit that task… that may be call for a 403.

It’s a fun debate, even when you are your own debating partner.

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