Dan Hough


London Node User Group

Wednesday 25th February 2015 at Lyst Studios, London

The talk was titled I’m a Node Maintainer and So Can You!., and the purpose was to educate the audience about some of the things I’ve learned in maintaining open-source NodeJS modules.

Speaking at London Node User Group

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London API

July 2nd 2014 at The Skills Matter eXchange, London

The talk was titled API Prototyping, and it’s about the process of interatively prototyping HTTP APIs. In this talk I demonstrate the tool I created to aid this process, Interfake.



June 10th 2014 at Badoo, London

This talk, PhoneGap: It’s not quite as bad as you think, goes over the differences between Cordova and PhoneGap, attempts to answer the question of whether it is suitable for your project or not, and highlights some tips and pitfalls.

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