Dan Hough

Work with me

I keep an open ear for interesting projects from all sorts of places. In general, the best way to contact me is by emailing . Alternatively, I’m active on Twitter with the handle @basicallydan.

Freelance Development

I have 4 years commercial experience developing web-based and mobile software, and I’ve been making websites for over 15 years. I’m happy working at most levels of the application stack. For more information, get in touch now.

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Public Speaking

I like to get up in front of audiences and tell them about the things I know, which ranges from API development to front-end dev, as well as non-software topics such as writing and recording music.

Front End Web Development Instructor - General Assembly - 04/10/2014 - 04/12/2014

At General Assembly, I take a class of 15-25 students from zero understanding to a novice-intermediate understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. See more at the General Assembly site.

API Prototyping - Skills Matter - 02/07/2014

Many projects these days don’t warrant large amounts of design up-front and are better suited to a more iterative approach, especially when designing APIs. This talk introduces the audience to Interfake, the tool I designed specifically for the purposes of lightweight API creation.

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PhoneGap: It’s not quite as bad as you think - Mobilise - 06/06/2014

For a long time, PhoneGap applications have been second-class citizens in the native mobile landscape. It’s actually quite a lot of work to get a PhoneGap application working quite as nicely as it could, and in this talk I take the audience through some ideas, and help them to decide whether PhoneGap is right for their project or not.