Dan Hough

Busking Report – South Kensington (Pitch 1)

Published 12 April 2018 in London, UK

On Thursday I took a day off from my day job to do some busking! My second stop was South Kensington (Pitch 1). I’ve never played here before, but I’ve passed it many times on the way to or fron Royal Albert Hall or the Science Museum.

Basically, it’s in a long subterranean tunnel which takes you from South Kensington Station to very close to the entrance of the Science Museum of London.

It’s a very popular area for tourists.

So, how did it go?

It was a record breaker! I spent two hours there (managed the whole two because I got there ahead of time) and I made £54.11! Highest yet. Which means Hourly salary of £27.06, and of course that same amount for Crisis.

The most common coin to get was 20p, of which I counted 41. Get in!

I was there for 1h50m, which makes my hourly salary £5.84. 🙃

Some notable moments

The pitch
The pitch

The first tip

I warmed up my lungs with a song which suits my voice very well, Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something - and it got my first tip of £1. Thanks, tourists!

The view from the pitch
The view from the pitch

The best performance & biggest tip

A song I haven’t played all that much in the last few months, Oasis’s Don’t Look Back in Anger, was a huge hit. At least 8 people tipped me and I think I got about £6-£8 from it. Hard to tell. Relatively speaking, that’s rather good. It renewed my faith in that song.

Anyway, all in all a great session and, by this point, a record-breaking one.

But read on… to Tottenham Court Road (Pitch 2)!

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