Dan Hough

Busking Report – 12th of April Marathon

Published 12 April 2018 in London, UK

As you may know, reader, I have a full-time permanent job at a software startup. This, naturally, takes up most of my time during weekdays. In order to enjoy the fun and profit of busking during weekdays (before 6pm), then, I have to take some of my annual leave. That’s what I did this Thursday! I booked three pitches: one at Southwark at noon (to warm up), then South Kensington Pitch #2 at 4pm (in the museum tunnel), then Tottenham Court Road Pitch #1 at 8pm. All for two hours.

It went really well. In total I made £130.06 for the day. I spent about £12 on food & drink in my breaks - I could mitigate that by bringing a packed lunch. I’m going to do it again in future because it’s a fun (and tiring) way to spend a day, and I got to 41% of pitches covered in the blog, too! Pretty productive day in every sense.

At 10pm, a saxophone busker called Nilo came to replace me exactly at 10. By now, I was super tired. My voice was still going, I could still sing most songs but some of the harder ones (Fat Bottomed Girls) were very painful to attempt.

Anyway, I’ve written three posts to cover each of the pitches, so let’s get to it…

First, read Southwark. Then, go on to South Kensington (Pitch 1), and finish with Tottenham Court Road (Pitch 2).

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