Dan Hough

Busking Report – Kings Cross (Pitch 1)

Published 21 October 2017 in London, UK

Second time in as many weeks! I practiced a bunch of songs that I haven’t played in a while during the week and brought them back today.

The pitch. Pretty sure the woman in the image isn't yawning at me. Pretty sure.
The pitch. Pretty sure the woman in the image isn't yawning at me. Pretty sure.

Again I went with no signage or encouragement to tip - just my guitar case and guitar. New strings, too.

I’ve done some better performances, but it was an improvement on last week. I earned £14.76, which over a two-hour period means £7.38 an hour, more than £2 shy of the London Living Wage of £9.75. I think I need a sign.

Nonetheless, the practice of the last week on songs I haven't performed in a while paid off, because I'm expanding my repertoire once again. I've got a few new songs I'd like to try learning, too.

The first tip

For Big Yellow Taxi. Not sure who did it, but it wasn’t a particularly memorable rendition. Thanks for the £2 though, stranger!

The biggest tip

A young man came up from the platform to pay me £2.50 during a pretty good performance of The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, and told me “I really like your song”. I didn’t have time to eschew the credit for this excellent song, so I’m Bruno Mars now.

The best performance

Easily the first performance of New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. Really excellent I think. I put heart and soul into it. Many people watched from afar… but nobody tipped me for it. Oh well!

Special mention to a performance of Oasis’s Don’t Look Back In Anger which captured the imagination of a friendly man and two women who all sang along and even got a few other people involved. And maybe the video they took will show up on Instagram or Facebook, we’ll have to see!

How to improve

Keep practicing the classics, the money-makers. Practice my own songs too, they might work well - worth a try.

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