Dan Hough

Legitimate Use of the HTML5 Vibrate API

Published 10 January 2014 in London, UK

I just updated SkiFree.js so that it vibrates your phone when you hit a rock or a tree. Sadly, I don’t have a phone with a browser which supports it to enjoy this super-cool new feature, but maybe you do? If you have the latest Firefox on Android, or the latest Chrome Beta on Android, then you’re all set. Have a go and let me know how it feels. Maybe it’s weird, or too short or too long? Open an issue on GitHub.

Remember, if you want to use the Vibrate API, listen to what Terence Eden has to say about it first. Don’t be evil. Use it for cool, fun, non-malicious stuff like SkiFree.js.

Thanks, of course, to Terence, for introducing me to this API with his blog post. Now, wanna play SkiFree.js?

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